Yoga Sutras with Professor Edwin Bryant

Hi Everyone! 

We have a last minute awesome opportunity to host Professor Edwin Bryant this Sunday (January 25th) to teach on the Yoga Sutras!  He is one of the most regarded and brilliant scholars in the world and teaches at Rutgers and throughout the country on eastern philosophy and religions.  I'm super excited and honored that he'll be here to teach for us.

The workshop will be 6:45-9:45pm but we need a sufficient amount of interest to hold this workshop.  Please share with anyone you think may be interested!!! 

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is THE basic textbook or bible of Yoga - essential for any yogi interested in diving into the deeper aspects of yoga and yogic philosophy - this is going to be an AMAZING WORKSHOP!!!   $35 advanced registration only.  Register here.



~ ~ ~

Deepen your commitment to your Self and your practice!!!  Aim for 3 days per week for one month - start any time now through January 31st and commit to nourishing your body, mind and spirit!

Sunset Immersion: Level 2 with LIVE music -  January 11th, 18th, and 25th. 

The ancient sages say that the times when night turns to day and day turns to night, dawn and dusk, are the best times for meditation- the mind can more easily focus and become serene- it's a powerful time to be immersed in practice...

This series is for intermediate/advanced practitioners - dive into a deep slow-flowing vinyasa, build heat to move toward the more challenging balances and inversions, float on the waves of live original music by Mike Tichy on acoustic guitar ... and be absorbed in the immersion of movement flowing into Stillness.

~ ~ ~

Absolute Beginners & Chakra Series: Part 1, ABC's of Yoga.  January 11th, 18th, and 25th, 3pm

This series is for everyone... whether you are a brand new beginner or have been doing yoga for years and love re-exploring and refining.  Beginners, advanced, and teachers welcome!  Build and strengthen the foundation for your yoga practice through cultivating proper alignment, breathing and concentration techniques, and individualized attention to suit your unique needs. Learn how to modify for your particular body/mind type, and explore the chakras (energy centers in the body), their relationship to your inner and outer worlds, and their correlation to asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing practices), nada yoga (yoga of sound) and meditations.

Must have 5 people registered in advance to hold this series.  All three sessions for $60 or purchase your UNLIMITED Monthly package to include this series.  Register with a friend new to the studio and you both receive 15% off!  

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Restorative for Yoga Teachers - Sunday, Jan 4th, 3-6pm.  Space is limited.

Teachers need Restorative too!!!
For certified yoga teachers only. We will focus on Techniques, Subtleties, and Putting it all into Practice with a partner. Register here-
Teachers will learn tools to create the space for deep relaxation for themselves and their students... especially valuable during times of exhaustion, stress and challenges, and emphasizes the importance of self-care, self-love, and compassion. Let's soak in the practices Restorative Yoga to keep ourselves nourished, relaxed, and grounded so we can do the same for others!
SPACE IS LIMITED for this workshop so everyone will have access to plenty of props and lots of personal attention.