Private sessions are wonderful for students seeking more personal attention in their practice that may not be possible in a group class.  Private sessions provide the space to focus on the student's individual needs, the finer points in alignment and breath, and how to adapt the practice to your unique flexibility, body type, and level of experience.

Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable teachers offer sessions to support your well-being and personal evolution. 

Our Yoga for Backcare teachers work with students with all types of challenges, including scoliosis, herniation, stenosis, degenerative discs, spondilolysthesis, spinal fusions, and injuries.

We also offer private Yoga group sessions and Ayurveda sessions.

Private sessions with our teachers vary in price range from $125 - $145, depending on level of experience and specialized offerings.  For more info, contact us.

~ Testimonials ~

"After learning from Deanna for close to two years, it is clear to me that she is both, 1) thoughtful in her preparations, and 2) flexible in her approach so that she may shift the plans to meet the group, or individual, in the moment. She is very gifted in matching what she has to offer to where the student(s) seems to be in their journey.   She is creative and incredibly warm and compassionate. I feel blessed and fortunate to have Deanna as a teacher. Learning and practicing yoga with her is more than practicing asana, it is a full experience. She is incredibly intuitive and receptive, and her knowledge base is very well-rounded and thorough. Her sequencing is creative and thoughtful, her approach is genuine and enthusiastic, and her interest and investment in the students are apparent and heartfelt." ~ Hope, NYC

~ ~ ~

"I'm grateful for Deanna's teachings both on and off the mat. Her focus on alignment and safe modifications allowed me to continue my practice while recovering from a shoulder injury. By creatively weaving mindfulness and meditation into each class, she makes learning about these areas of yoga accessible and relatable. The Dhyana YogaArts community that Deanna has cultivated includes passionate teachers and dedicated students, and I'm proud to be a part of it. " ~ Erin, NYC

~ ~ ~

"Deanna is a terrific teacher!  She's insightful and encouraging, and keys in to the needs and level of each student.  Her Backcare classes are challenging yet calming, and always beautifully paced.  Deanna uses just the right amount of words to explain asanas and postures. Her sense of humor and warmth are a plus, and Deanna has a delicate and effective touch when she includes some of the philosophy of yoga in her teaching." ~ Nina, NYC

~ ~ ~

"I heartily endorse Deanna's skill as a teacher especially with students who have complex back problems.  I am a 66-year-old woman who has scoliosis since birth and very much appreciated the skill and encouraging approach that Deanna brings to every class." ~ Sharon, NYC

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