5-Week Children’s Yoga Series with Katie Seipp (Ages 4-7)

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Ages 4-7. Next Series Fall TBA

In this 5-Week Kids Yoga Series, children are encouraged to cultivate mindfulness, breath control, body awareness, self-esteem and respect for self and others using yoga postures, music, stories, games, and creativity. Children will begin their yoga journey with a strong foundation, learning principles of yoga that can help them throughout their daily life and for years to come. Most of all this is a safe space for fun and explorative study of one of the oldest and most sublime disciplines. Children also create community and social skills, cheering each other on while building strength of mind and body.

Ayurveda Workshop: Balance for Mind-Body-Spirit with Dr. Vasudha Gupta

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July 29th, 1-4pm
Learn ancient techniques for creating balance in your life through Ayurveda, known as the sister science of Yoga. Dr. Vasudha Gupta shares holistic seasonal ways of living and strategies for grounding and balance, an overview of Ayurveda to understand your unique personal state of equilibrium (prakruti), and ways to tailor the use of foods, herbs, spices, pranayama, and asana to cultivate healing and transformation. Advanced registration is required. $50 early-bird by 7/22. $60 thereafter. Unlimited Members 10% off Register here.

Embodied Anatomy with Vanessa Nassif


August 2nd, 1:30-4:30pm How does the weight of your head travel to your feet? The journey isn’t a straight line.  Bones are curved and weighted spirals through our bones, which themselves contain spirals. Muscles travel in layered, spiraling 3D pathways and move our bones so they can bear weight. In this workshop, we will explore the principles of pathways of weight and balanced joint space through movement and discussion. Investigate how to organize your bones standing on your hands or your feet, allowing your muscles to sort themselves out. We will look at the anatomy of breath and how getting out of your way can facilitate free breathing. Can related mobility create stability in your yoga practice? This work is inspired by deep study with Amy Matthews and Leslie Kaminoff, authors of the widely-known Yoga Anatomy book. $65 Advanced Registration Only. Unlimited Members 10% off  Register here.

Belly Dance Workshop with Jimena Carias

Saturday August 10th, 1:30-3:30pm
From Jimena: I’m going to be your Belly Dance instructor. During this workshop I want you to connect, body mind and soul to learn a new technique.  Let’s shimmie positive feeling to our lives.
Learn some Belly Dance History: Belly dance known also as Raqs Sharqui originated in Egypt.  Belly Dance or Oriental dancing emphasizes complex movements of the torso.
What we will do: During this workshop the participants will learn and perform percussive movements, fluid movements, shimmies and vibrations.  We will also learn a small choreography.
Spiritual notes: I want to share with the participants the joy it brings in my life to bellydance.  Through bellydance every student discovers their inner beauty and connects with their inner goddess.
Health notes: Belly dance is a low-impact, weight-bearing exercise and is thus suitable for all ages.
Dress code: Any comfortable exercise clothes.
Rules: Have Fun!

$30 Advanced Registration Only. Unlimited Members 10% off Register here.

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Workshop Policies:

  • Pre-registration for workshops is required.

  • If you need to cancel out of a workshop, it must be done 7 days in advance.  Refunds will be processed with a 10% cancellation fee.  *PLEASE NOTE: there are some workshops that have a no refund policy, which is specified in the workshop description when registering through MindBody.

  • Dhyana Yoga Arts cannot provide refunds if cancelling less than a week before the workshop.