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About Brian...
"I received both my undergraduate and graduated degrees at Seton Hall University with Bachelor’s degree is in Biology, doctorate in physical therapy.  I have been a practicing doctor of physical therapy for over 8 years.  I have taken continuing education courses on topics of vestibular rehabilitation, kiniesiotaping techniques, Mckenzie movement therapy, dynamic stretching techniques, as well as many others.  I have found patient and family education to be the most crucial part of physical therapy.  Patients must become their own advocate and take ownership of rehabilitating their own bodies or they often are not successful.  Therefore, my profession has led me to exploring avenues of educating not just patients, but the community for the purpose of prevention.  I have done many community outreach education courses on topics such as posture and ergonomics, the spine, the shoulder girdle, fall prevention, and osteoporosis.  I am an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University, and perform site visits to assess doctoral students at their clinical affiliations/internships." 

Brian is teaching the Anatomy portion of DYA's 200-hr Teacher Training program and looks forward to teaching supporting students on their path and in leading a balanced life.