200hr Yoga Teacher Training starts March 2019

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Embodied Anatomy with Vanessa Nassif

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October 6th 1-6pm; October 28th 12-4pm How does the weight of your head travel to your feet? The journey isn’t a straight line. Muscles travel in layered, spiraling 3D pathways and move our bones so they can bear weight. In this workshop, we will explore the principles of pathways of weight and balanced joint space through movement and discussion. Investigate how to organize your bones standing on your hands or your feet, allowing your muscles to sort themselves out. We will look at the anatomy of breath and how getting out of your way can facilitate free breathing. Can related mobility create stability in your yoga practice? This work is inspired by deep study with Amy Matthews and Leslie Kaminoff, authors of the widely-known Yoga Anatomy book. $65 for one day. $120 for Both Days. Register here.

Intro to Yoga for Backcare & Scoliosis with Deanna Sidoti

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October 7th 1-4pm. This workshop is for students and teachers and will introduce how to modify your Yoga practice for back and postural issues, including bulging discs or herniation, spondilolysthesis, disc degeneration, scoliosis and other back and neck issues. Learn basic backcare principles and how to alleviate back pain through alignment-based yoga and working with a neutral spine. Class size is limited so everyone receives personal attention. Beginners welcome! Early-bird $50 by 10/1. $60 thereafter. Register here.

Inversions with Tami Rogan

joy buddha inversions.jpg

October 13th 4-6pm This workshop will provide a safe and nourishing environment to explore inversions step by step. Beginners welcome! Come play and explore as we prepare both mind and body to practice headstand, handstand and forearm stand. The only playground requirement is desire and openness to play!
"The inner fire is the most important thing." ~Edith Sodergran
$35 Early-bird by 10/8. $40 thereafter.
10% off for Unlimited Members Register here.

photo taken at yoga union nyc

photo taken at yoga union nyc

Labyrinth Walk at Dhyana Yoga Arts

October 14th, 5pm. $15 Suggested Donation

The sacred pattern of the Labyrinth has been used throughout history as a journey to the center of one’s self. Found in ancient civilizations around the world, the Labyrinth has the capacity to bring participants through the seven worlds of creation (or Chakras), releasing that which is no longer needed, and empowering each step with renewed clarity. As we come together to honor both the light and dark within the earth and ourselves, this embodied walking meditation will help to ground and focus your energy. As we enter into the darker months of autumn and winter, this is the perfect time to plant your deep seeds of intention for the coming year in a sacred and powerful way.  Open to all!

About Rachel:

rachel jesien tea ceremony.jpeg

Rachel Jesien is a Backcare & Scoliosis Specialist, Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, and Seeress dedicated to the healing of our planet and all her inhabitants. She fosters a sense of wholeness in her clients and through earth-based healing modalities, helps men and women of all ages return to their alignment to their highest selves. Rachel is also a devoted student of the "leaf" and is grateful for her continued experience working with and learning from the Global Tea Hut lineage. By responsibly sourcing and honoring these old growth teas through humble stewardship, the non-profit Tea Sage Hut in Taiwan has become a globally recognized community dedicated to meditation and Tea education.

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Absolute Beginners & Chakra Series with Meghan Farrell

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7 Week Series Starting October 15th Mondays 4:30-5:30pm This series is for everyone... whether you are a brand new beginner or have been doing yoga for years and love re-exploring and refining. Build and strengthen the foundation for your yoga practice through cultivating proper alignment, breathing and concentration techniques, and individualized attention to suit your unique needs. Learn how to modify for your particular body/mind type, and explore the chakras (energy centers in the body), their relationship to your inner and outer worlds, and their correlation to asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing practices), nada yoga (yoga of sound) and meditations. $105. Advanced Registration Only. 10% off for Unlimited Members. Register here.

Ayurveda with Dr. Vasudha Gupta

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November 17th, 2-5pm. Learn ancient techniques for creating balance in your life through Ayurveda, known as the sister science of Yoga. Dr. Vasudha Gupta shares holistic seasonal ways of living and strategies for grounding and balance, an overview of Ayurveda to understand your unique personal state of equilibrium (prakruti), and ways to tailor the use of foods, herbs, spices, pranayama, and asana to cultivate healing and transformation. Advanced registration is required. $50 early-bird by 11/9. $60 thereafter. Unlimited Members 10% off. Register here.

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Workshop Policies:

  • Pre-registration for workshops is required.

  • If you need to cancel out of a workshop, it must be done 7 days in advance.  Refunds will be processed with a 10% cancellation fee.  *PLEASE NOTE: there are some workshops that have a no refund policy, which is specified in the workshop description when registering through MindBody.

  • Dhyana Yoga Arts cannot provide refunds if cancelling less than a week before the workshop.