Radhika Truffa


Radhika is a lifelong student and teacher of yoga that believes in focusing on integrating and balancing the body, mind, and spirit to help prevent illness and injury, and to promote wellness.  Radhika has a strong background in personal training which she has been doing since 2002.  Radhika completed her Master's degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2006 from Northeastern University which gave her a solid foundation in the workings and rehabilitation of the human body.  Around the same time she graduated, Radhika began practicing and studying Iyengar Yoga with Gopali Vaccarelli and Theresa Rowland.  In 2010 she found the joy and freedom of Vinyasa yoga and completed her 500 hour training with Ranjitha Sandeep at Yoga Sutra for Life.  She is forever grateful to Ranjitha for bringing the love of yoga philosophy and meditation into her life.  In Radhika's classes you'll find a strong focus on alignment as well as harnessing the powers of the breath for physical and emotional balance.  When she is not teaching or practicing yoga, you will find her at home playing with her two daughters, walking her two dogs, or bouldering at the rock climbing gym.