Dhyana Flow is a unique way of practicing that emphasizes alignment, creativity and meditative Vinyasa flow - infused with passion for the joy of practice and the power of strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. 

Some of our regular offerings throughout the year include:


Dhyana Flow - Emphasis on alignment, creativity, and meditative Vinyasa flow.  Explore alignment, steady breath to anchor the mind, and some advanced poses within a challenging Vinyasa flow into a calming cool-down.  Open-level.

Dhyana Flow 2 - Weave alignment, pranayama, and exploration of challenging poses into a meditative Vinyasa flow and a sweet cool-down.  Class includes pranayama, chanting, and options on how to safely and creatively explore some of the more advanced poses to build strength, stability, flexibility, and to take your practice to the next level.  Open-level/ Intermediate.

Yoga for Backcare & Alignment - This class addresses Yoga for back pain, back care and postural issues, and injuries, including disc herniation, scoliosis, sciatica, spondilolysthesis, degenerative discs, etc.  Focus on asanas that help alleviate back pain and strengthen the core, back, and other areas. Appropriate for students new to Yoga and for students who prefer a slow, mindful practice.  Both Beginner and Advanced practitioners will deepen their understanding of alignment principles and learn how to lengthen the spine and safely strengthen the back, core, and other areas.  Open-level.

Yoga for Scoliosis - For students with spinal asymmetry.  Focus on learning about scoliosis, your curves, and how students with scoliosis can practice yoga safely.   Emphasis is on how to help improve alignment and balance, alleviate back pain, reduce compensatory patterns, lengthen the spine, and create the strength needed to maintain a new pattern and good posture.  Open-level.

Yoga Rope Wall Playground - Alignment & Play! Cultivate alignment, strength, flexibility and a sense of playfulness and adventure through practice that includes the Yoga Rope Wall, ropes, slings and magic in the details.  This practice includes exploration of some advanced poses with variations for different levels.  Intermediate.

Alignment Basics -  This is a Level 1 class that emphasizes safe alignment and linking the movement of yoga postures with the breath through a gentle flow.  Beginner & All levels welcome - new students encouraged!

One Love Flows - Enjoy this open-level class to cultivate universal love and respect and to inspire awareness, change, and compassion on and off the mat.  Flow with intelligent, creative sequencing, balance challenge and ease, and know that your good efforts are going toward a different non-profit each month.  This is part of DYA's ongoing community project which supports non-profits locally and worldwide.  Details here.  Open-level.

Community Class - This is a by donation (suggested 10) class taught by our recent yoga teacher graduates and new teachers.  Proceeds go toward local charities (See One Love Flows).  Open-level.

Some of our Workshop Offerings include...

Absolute Beginners Series -  This series is for everyone... whether you are a brand new beginner or have been doing yoga for years and love re-exploring and refining.  Build and strengthen the foundation for your yoga practice through developing proper alignment, breathing and concentration techniques.  You will receive individualized attention to suit your needs and learn ways to modify the practice to your own unique mind/body type.

Ayurveda for the Season - Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and a 5000-year-old practice of Indian healing.  In this workshop, we explore how to understand our prakriti (unique personal state of equilibrium), and how learning to individually tailor our use of wholesome foods, herbs, spices, pranayama, asana, and daily practices helps us to embrace our innate ability for healing and transformation, to return to that space of harmony in body, mind, and nature.  

Beyond Asana: Exploring the 8 Limbs of Yoga - This workshop will be a deeper exploration of the basic foundation and philosophy of yoga, including the physical practice (asana), pranayama (breathing techniques), and dhyana (meditation) to cultivate heart-awakening and freedom in the body and mind.

Dhyana LIVE! - Experience a unique and meditative yoga and musical journey.  Slow-flowing, mindfully sequenced, riding on the vibrations of live originals from fave musicians.  After Asana, shift into Bhakti Yoga, singing the heart and mind open through chanting and mantras.  Cultivate the practices of Dhyana (Flow/Absorption) and Bhakti (Devotion) to purify the mind, and dissolve into bliss!

Absolute Beginners & Chakra Workshop-  Build and strengthen the foundation for your yoga practice through cultivating proper alignment, breathing and concentration techniques, and individualized attention to suit your unique needs.  Learn how to modify for your particular body/mind type, and explore the chakras (energy centers in the body), their relationship to your inner and outer worlds, and their correlation to asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing practices), nada yoga (yoga of sound) and meditation.

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Classes and Workshops that are not on the current Group Schedule are available upon request in group or private settings.  For details, contact us.  For upcoming workshops, go to Workshops/Eventswo