Caitlin Colquhoun


Caitlin was first introduced to yoga as a young dancer. At the time, she didn’t appreciate the precious tool that had been handed to her, she may have even ventured to say that those hour long yoga classes were the bane of her young life, but years later, upon graduating college, Caitlin rediscovered yoga, and that rediscovery drastically changed the tone and mood of her life moving forward. She discovered that she had an inner strength she never knew she had, that she had a voice of her own, and the power to choose the way she responded to the world around her. 

In an effort to continue on her path of spiritual and personal development, in the fall of 2015, Caitlin traveled to Bali, Indonesia where she received her 500 hour yoga teaching certification through Awakened Life School of Yoga and under the tutelage of Joe Miller and Gabrielle White Wolf. 

Caitlin’s classes aim to bring students into a state of present awareness. Through a series of challenging, yet spirited and playful sequences, students are asked to search for the deeper connection between their thoughts and actions on their mats and in their everyday lives. Classes intertwine creative sequencing, proper alignment and hands-on adjustments to facilitate a safe and nurturing space, where students are invited tap into their inner strength, of both body and mind. Modifications and adjustments are provided for students of all levels, creating a dynamic and encouraging environment regardless of individual levels of experience.