Meghan Farrell 

Headshot Dhyana.jpg

Meghan’s classes are physically challenging and flowy with a focus on maintaining the breath while encouraging creativity and self-expression.  To her, yoga is a personal journey about meeting yourself where you are, accepting yourself for who you are, and challenging yourself to fulfill your fullest potential.  In her classes, she strives to instill that yoga is not about achieving poses— rather, it is about being present with yourself throughout the practice, being mindful of the way that you talk to yourself, and choosing to be kind to yourself.  Meghan’s passion for yoga lies in the opportunity to use the body as a tool to calm the mind and get in touch with the spiritual body— the physical benefits are an added bonus! Meghan has been practicing yoga for 10 years, and achieved her 200-hr yoga certification from Deanna Sidoti here at Dhyana Yoga Arts.