Lynn Spampanato


I wasn't always into yoga or fitness.  In fact I was far from being healthy.  After an unfortunate change of events, I was presented with the option to "take care of myself" or suffer the ill consequences of being unhealthy.  Working out, doing yoga and caring for myself became a priority.  I realized things like "I can" and "I will" became part of my vocabulary.  Not only did my body change but also my mind, the way I viewed life and the challenges surrounding me.  I couldn't keep this knowledge and experience to myself.  I had to share with others.  I love helping others become their best and most confident versions of themselves!  

AFAA Group Fitness certified.  AFFA Personal training Certified.  Yoga Certified by Samadhi Sun

"The body isn't stiff, the mind is stiff" Sr K Pattabhi Jois