Teens & Tweens Yoga coming soon with Caprice Abowitt!

Metta Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Level 1, is a well-rounded program which will prepare you to teach children ages 6-11/grades 1-6 in a wide variety of settings. Kids yoga is a fun way to build strength, foster community, relieve stress and create balance in the busy lives of our kids today. This teacher training is a great tool for yoga teachers, school teachers, specialists, parents and caregivers–anyone who loves working with children.

This training will cover:

  • developmental milestones
  • the benefits of yoga for children
  • asanas (poses) and sequencing
  • creating boundaries for classroom management
  • practice teaching (and practice being a kid)
  • introducing yoga philosophy to children
  • games and activities
  • the business and ethics of teaching yoga to children
  • teaching in different environments
  • constructing lesson plans
  • adjusting and assisting

Requirements for certification include:

  • reading assignments and homework
  • sample lesson plan
  • teaching and recording a final class

Send us a message for details!