A yogini since before she could say "down dog" Gabriella was introduced to yoga and meditation by her grandfather. He was also a yoga teacher, beginning his own yogic journey in the ‘60’s. He taught classes first out of his basement in Elizabeth, NJ and eventually packed college gymnasiums. He was intense, magnetic and infinitely wise. Inspired by their conversations, his practice and his way of life, Gabriella committed to her own practice in 2003 and since graduating college, has taught yoga full time. Her classes use straightforward, yet playful sequencing to sharpen the finer aspects of yoga alignment and breath work so that students of all levels feel challenged and capable, strong and supple. Studying under her teacher, the world renowned Indologist, Dr. Edwin Bryant, Gabi is receiving her Master’s Degree in Contemplative Studies from the Rutgers Graduate School with focus on classical Sanskrit texts, eastern philosophies & religions and the transplantation of Yoga to the western world. Accessible and nuanced transmission of the yogic teachings are gracefully interwoven into her asana classes.