Why I Practice and Why Dhyana Yoga Arts Trainings are Unique ~ by Tami Rogan

I practice yoga to become more connected to my true self....to learn and experience life more fully and completely...to become more present physically, emotionally and spiritually...to give myself time and space to listen, to feel, to cry, to laugh, to play, to have fun, to JUST BE...

Everyday is different, some days are better than others - and to me thats one of the beautiful things about yoga.  It has taught me, and continues to teach me,  to embrace all of it...( especially the messy part) to be "all in" fully and completely...and to be ok with whatever happens as long as I know I have tried my best.

Check out this video on why Tami feels Dhyana Yoga Arts & DYA trainings are unique and one translation we share in YTT of the togetherness mantra.