The Sanskrit word, dhyana, is known as the Seventh Limb of the eightfold path of Yoga.  Dhyana refers to a state of absorption, concentration, or meditation where a high quality of awareness is continuous… an unbroken “flow” of connection with the chosen object of focus.  Athletes might call their version of this being in the zone.  Musicians call it being in the pocket.  Some call it being in tune or in harmony with the moment - being one with your action, movement, dance, words, mind/divine/self (insert-your-chosen-word-here).


When we are in a state of flow, we creatively adapt to the constant changes and challenges of everyday life.  When flow is blocked, we feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed.  When we’re in flow, we can let go of not-so-useful habits and replace them with useful ones.

Through Immersion, developing concentration and consistent devoted practice, the mind naturally begins to maintain Connection to a chosen focus. Absorption, the ability to organically Flow and be fully present grows - in life, in your practice, in relationships, in sharing your talents and gifts, in Self-realization.

Our teachers at DYA create a supportive, receptive space conducive to immersion and exploration in your practice.  We offer classes, immersions, trainings, and workshops with established teachers, artists, and thinkers on the leading edge of their disciplines.

Offerings include: Yoga for Backcare & Scoliosis, Vinyasa Yoga, Alignment, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Teen/Preteen Yoga, Ayurveda, Live Music Yoga and more.  Check in regularly for new classes and events!